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Canadian atheists and its members are, intentionally, without a "code of conduct" due to our emphasis on the promotion and advocacy for freedoms and human rights.


Although many professional organizations have published codes of conduct that communicate and clarify to their members various expectations of adherence to certain professional standards, for the Canadian atheists a code of conduct would be problematic as it would require introducing an element of exclusivity that does not coincide with the one and only priniciple of atheism - the absence of belief in deities - for which freedom is an integral characteristic, both fundamentally and also as a matter of natural consequence.

Moral and ethical matters are generally determined freely and independently by atheists, typically on a case-by-case basis.  The rule of law is an important factor as well (which we recommend striving to adhere to), but, like all ideas, is also not exempt from challenge or scrutiny (in various forms).

While the Canadian atheists is available to provide perspective on various moral, ethical, or legal matters (follow this link to contact us), it is important to not lose sight of the fact that individual atheists also tend to have their own personal perspectives to share which may or may not agree with ours.  We call this "intellectual diversity," which we encourage as an integral artifact of "intellectual freedom" (or "free thought").

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