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Canadian atheists advocates for the freedoms, rights, equality, and well-being of atheists (and agnostics) in Canada and internationally, and promotes atheism as it is a normal aspect of life in Canada (culturally and constitutionally) and throughout the world.

Our primary interests are for peaceful advocacy and the normalization of atheism.  We are always willing to participate in public discourse as a means of engaging in a free exchange of ideas.  As an integral part of our efforts to present atheism in the best possible ways, we're also educating the general public on the meaning of the words "atheism" and "atheist."

While being an atheist can be a choice, ultimately it's merely the consequence of not actively choosing to believe in any deities.  Because freedom is protected constitutionally under Canadian law as outlined by our national Charter of Rights and Freedoms (section 2) - particularly the fundamental freedoms of conscience, thought, opinion, and association - accordingly, we categorically reject any notion that anyone should be required to justify being an atheist since freedom intrinsically obviates the necessity of any such justification.

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