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Your generous donation to Canadian atheists is greatly appreciated because it helps our advocacy for rights, freedoms, and the general well-being of atheists.  We accept donations by cheques, which you can send to our mailing address (below), by Interac e-Transfers, or by credit card via online payment:

Canadian atheists Corporation
26208 Paulik Park PO
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
V6Y 3V3
Donate Bitcoin to Canadian atheists at 1Atheist1G2XtSw1gsQGgaNRyY8jPsNEK3
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If you would like to donate blood (which is a separate charity we promote without reciprocation), then please follow this link...


Would you like to to get Canadian atheists logo on clothing, bags, cups and drink bottles, clocks, etc.?  Purchasing items from the following online merchandise stores also helps (because a portion of the profits are eventually sent directly to Canadian atheists):


As we are not a charity we cannot provide tax receipts.  Regular receipts will normally be issued for donations of $50 or more and when a return address is provided (on the envelope, on the cheque, or on an attachment included with the donation).  If you have made multiple donations which accumulate to $50 or more and would like a receipt, please contact us.


Your identity will not be shared with third parties (in accordance with Canadian Privacy legislation), with the following exceptions:

  • indicating that you would like to be included in a future list of donors by optionally specifying the words "list as a donor" with your donation, in which case we will include your name or pseudonym (please also indicate if you do not want the amount of your donation to be disclosed by specifying the words "name only")
  • purchasing merchandise from one of the online merchandise stores (in this case you're directly choosing which information to share with them; please note that we don't share any information about any of our members or donors with them since they are third parties who don't need us to provide this information)
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