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Be a hero today by becoming a blood donor!  Canadian Blood Services makes it easy (our Partners For Life number is CANA888573), and all blood donations help people in need in ways that can save lives.

Canadian atheists encourages everyone to donate blood (it's never too late to sign up).  In fact, we're encouraging as many people as possible to donate regularly, and your effort to encourage others to sign up as blood donors is greatly appreciated too.

What if my blood is tainted or was previously rejected?

Tainted blood is now accepted and used in scientific research, so you should also be able to start donating regularly.  Even if your past blood donations could not be accepted by any blood donation programme anywhere, you probably can start donating your blood now, which will be helpful for researchers working in medical science.  Please contact Canadian Blood Services toll-free at 1.888.2.DONATE or 1.888.236.6283 to confirm how your donations can help (and remember to provide our Partners For Life number - CANA888573 - when you sign up).

Thank you

Your blood donations are greatly appreciated because they ultimately help people enjoy higher qualities of life.  Please also encourage more people to join you in becoming blood donors by sharing this web page with others (and note that our Partners For Life number is CANA888573 when signing up):

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