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Bulletins :: Sponsorship of the Theist Helpline show

December 28, 2022
Canadian atheists Theist Helpline (logo)

In cooperation with the Politics community (Discord), the Canadian atheists is sponsoring the Theist Helpline, which is a live show for which the Discord Stage is hosted by the Politics community, and the internet site costs contributed by Canadian atheists.  One of the goals of the show is to also provide helpful suggestions, advice, and information to theists who are questioning their religions and may be considering deconversion.

During the show, members of the live audiences are invited to join the panel of hosts on the Discord Stage to present convincing arguments for believing in one or more goddesses and/or gods (and other relevant topics).  The show has also always been broadcasted live, with all episodes being automatically archived in a YouTube Playlist.

The Theist Helpline show, which has been running consistently on its fortnightly schedule without a name throughout 2022 (since its inception in February), will be proceeding in the new year (in January 2023) under the new name.


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