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Bulletins :: Worldie All-In-One Social Media Network affiliation

January 23, 2020
Canadian atheists Worldie All-In-One Social Media Network

Today we received official confirmation that Canadian atheists is now affililated with the Worldie All-In-One Social Media Network, which we regard as an honour.  Consistent with our role in encouraging the protection of freedom and promoting atheism, the primary goals of Worldie are as follows:

  • Support and encourage social programs, and projects/events (including those that contribute to normalizing atheism)
  • Provide a safe and protective social media environment on the internet that is free from cyberbullying and other forms of cyberabuse
  • Promote egalitarianism and the rights of the individual with a primary goal to combat discrimination and injustice throughout the world
  • Bring technology to disadvantaged demographics
  • Unite the world around diversity, equality, networking, and social integration with partnerships in academia, humanitarian-focused groups, etc.

These goals are but a small portion of Worldie's "social projects" web page at, which we recommend reading to gain a more compehensive overview of Worldie's objectives.

We eagerly anticipate a future where everyone, including atheists, can engage freely, equally, and safely in all parts of the world, and we greatly appreciate Worldie's continuing excellence in social media toward achieving this outcome.


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