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Bulletins :: Atheist Alliance International affiliation

September 14, 2018
Canadian atheists Atheist Alliance International

Today we received official confirmation that Canadian atheists is now an affiliated member of Atheist Alliance International, which we regard as an honour.  Consistent with our role in encouraging the protection of freedom and promoting atheism, the primary goals of Atheist Alliance International are as follows:

  • Facilitate and support projects/events that demystify and normalize atheism, promote critical thinking and counter religious dogma in government and public policy
  • Combat discrimination and injustice against atheists around the world
  • Support the establishment of new atheist organizations, especially in places where atheists are at risk, victimized and discriminated against
  • Strengthen global cooperation between atheists

These goals are but a small portion of Atheist Alliance International's "about us" web page at, which we recommend reading to gain a more compehensive overview of Atheist Alliance International's purpose and intentions.

We eagerly anticipate a future where everyone, including atheists, can engage freely, equally, and safely in all parts of the world, and we greatly appreciate Atheist Alliance International's continuing excellence in advancing the world toward achieving this outcome.


If you'd like to support the Canadian atheists, please consider donating or becoming a member (thank you).

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