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The "atheism everywhere" campaign (æ)


Welcome to the "atheism everywhere" campaign, which highlights the fact that atheism permeates all walks of life, all sectors of society, and is naturally ubiquitous throughout the world.

To help this campaign is easy -- simply mention "atheism everywhere" whenever an appropriate opportunity arises, and in case anyone asks what that means you can explain how atheism is compatible with almost every situation (or simply direct them to

How does atheism fit well into any situation?

Atheism doesn't impose upon anyone or interfere with anything; because atheists are consequently more inclined to make decisions based on reasons that aren't influenced by belief in one or more deities, the reality that people are capable of making good decisions without a dependence on religious ideals or perceived pressures from deities is a highly significant factor.

A few examples of where atheism is prevalent

Education Many teachers are atheists and are influencing children to learn and think critically by embracing and encouraging their innate sense of curiousity instead of trying to stifle it.

How parents can help:  Encourage your children to be inquisitive by asking questions and challenging any ideas, and do so with a willingness to revise your own opinions too as this should inspire them to think more independently.

Government Politicians who are atheists contribute to society through direct democracy, and value the preservation of everyone's freedoms and other important rights.  And if an injustice occurs, that's when they use their power to intervene to counter with justice.
Science and Medicine Research scientists who are atheists are probably more likely to apply scientific methodology without resorting to default assumptions about reality, and rely on peer-reviewed empirical results-oriented research to ensure validity and efficacy of important products and solutions.

What does a vibrant and healthy society need?

For a vibrant and healthy society to prevail, the following characteristics are necessary at a fundamental level:

  • Freedoms (expression, thought, opinion, conscience and belief, etc.)
  • Personal security (safety, health, etc.)
  • Financial security (can afford necessities plus more)
  • Sustenance security (access to sufficient water and nourishing food)
  • Diversity (variation rather than imposed conformity)
  • Education (secular education provided by goverment is ideal)

In all truly vibrant and healthy societies, it is much easier to identify atheism everywhere.

The pluralistic ash symbol "æ"

For this campaign we've adopted the pluralistic ash symbol "æ" which conveniently combines the letters "a" and "e" into a single character, for which we ascribe the words "atheism" and "everywhere."

This emphasizes the diverse nature of atheism, and diversity in society is generally advantageous, especially where variation among and within the national and local cultures is welcomed and encouraged.

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